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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 5, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tonight. another disruptive far left protest in new york city. what do these people really want and who is funding them? we'll have answers to those questions. >> they were literally screaming at you? >> yes. well, the d.o.j. woman was just yelling at me. a guy from the white house on friday night literally screamed at me. >> who was the person. >> the obama administration beset by a possible scandal. attorney general holder apparently knew about the fast and furious gun sting that went wrong but did not own up in front of congress. karl rove, lanny davis will analyze. >> we are soft in the head, billy. >> and dennis miller on whether we americans have become too soft to tough out bad economic times. also, miller on the hank williams situation. >> are you ready for some foot
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mouth? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reill. thank you for watching tonight. today here in new york city another far left demonstration as a bunch of people march on wall street. why? we aren't exactly sure. what we do know is that these folks were being organized by some very interesting people. does the name mean anything to you? how about george soros or pal? move on funded in part by soros openly allied itself with the protesters. in addition, some unions in the mix. united auto workers. united federation of teachers and the always reliable sciu. of course, not all workers in the union support bringing down capitalism, they don't.
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but again, what do these people want? the common thread seems to be income equality. groups like the working families party. and the strong economy for all coalition are basically socialistic outfits. they want the government to take money away from the affluent and give it to them. nice deal if you can get it and you can get it in places like cuba and zimbabwe. soros doesn't want socialism. he is the biggest capitalist on the planet. he wants power and the groups are using the far left zealots to try to achieve that. these people are not asking for voluntary h help. they want to take stuff by force if necessary. it is true the far left is very disappointed with president
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obama because he has not been radical enough. mr. obama rightly knows the vast majority of americans do not want socialism and while some of his programs are designed to redistribute income the president knows he would be doomed if he through in with the hardcore radicals. in the end the protesters don't mean very much. america is a great country. if you want to be a far left zealot you can be. just don't hurt anybody. the pro he tests remind me of the late 1960s when the power to the people movement was at its apex. eventually many of the woodstock protesters turned into ardent capitalists. just ask anybody on wall street. that is the memo. now, for the top story tonight. fury growing over fast and furious, the botched federal sting that sent american guns south of the border to trace who was buying them in mexico. the attorney general said he didn't know about fast and furious until late in the game. cbs news uncovered information
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that says that mr. holder was not being truthful when said that. today they grilled jay carney about it. >> i want to go back to fast and furious. what you said the attorney general said is not what he said. he said "i'm not sure of the exact date but i had probably heard about fast and furious for the first time over the last few weeks. now, the documents say that he was told the first time about this july 2010 and onl octoberf 2010. >> i would refer you to the department of justice. >> this is the attorney general. >> yes, and the president believes he is an excellent attorney general and has great confidence in him and we absolutely know that the testimony he gave was consistent and truthful. >> bill: joining us, two democratic stallworths, joe trippe here in new york and lanny davis in washington. big story? >> no, eric holder had no reason to lie. i think there is a mixup on the words he chose.
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i read the story and he said he didn't know about the stuff that went wrong. he didn't say he never heard about the program. he had no reason to lie period. >> bill: you are talking to me now, not talking to the millions of people who think you are pinhead. you are talking to me, okay. you want me to believe that the attorney general of the united states is called into a congressional hearing to investigate fast and furious. prepared by the top deputies as anybody would when you go in front of congress. he just didn't waltz in after a dunkin doughnut. was briefed. then sbs comes up with a memo and says you are telling me it is just a mistake, just a mis-- some misstatement? who is going to believe that besides you?
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>> there is no question that there is no reason for eric holder to lie. >> bill: he is embarrassed. he is bea embare rased. than a reason? these are his guys who screwed up. >> i read the question and read the answer. it was in the context of things that went wrong. i think that is what he meant. he will clarify it if necessary. >> it is necessary, it as big story. >> how do you see it? >> i think he will clarify it but he wasn't lying. >> i think it is a big story. i agree there is no reason to lie. maybe there was an embarrassment or misspeaking of words but they have to get in front of this. >> bill: when a news organization like cbs has to undercover a memo showing the attorney general and let's give the attorney general the benefit of the doubt, even if you don't like h him. say that lanny is right that he didn't lie on purpose. we will give him the benefit of the doubt. the fact of the matter is that
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on his watch this operation went terribly wrong which has led to the deaths of some american citizens because those guns have been involved with crimes. there is a reason for him to deflect blame. >> that is all true but the fact of the matter is at least what i read about it is the atf was not sharing all this information with the attorney general or the white house or the administration. >> bill: but that is their boss. >> i agree with that. they have to blame it on -- >> bill: this guy has gotten moved out of there anyway. let's talk about how president obama has got to hand this will. you worsed to work for president clinton you of. you have a lot of experience with this stuff. carney looked shaky, did he not? >> did he. he is violating the every rule which he should have learned by now. joe is exactly right. should be getting out in front putting all of the facts out. when did they know and why did this get so botched up.
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>> bill: they are not doing that. >> not doing the crisis management. >> bill: so i have to lead with it on this broadcast which makes the obama administration look worse. wait, joe. carney gets two questions from the two toughest guys, tapper and henry. he looks like a moron. and we like jay but come on, jay, you can't say the president has full confidence in him. got to answer the question. >> he knew these questions many coming and batched it and so did carney. what does that tell you? >> they have to learn to get out in front of a story which is classic crisis management rule 101 and jay is learning the hard way he should have been fully briefed. >> bill: after three years would think it would be better than this. >> the real damage because they are not getting this is further damage to the obama claim i was going to do something different. i'm going to bring different politics here. wwe change, washington, and now
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when you start to -- it looks like you are hiding something particularly when i don't think they have anything to hide, that is what is so strange about this. show transparency and out ought the facts now and knock it out right away. >> bill: certainly they got the message. see what they will do tomorrow and fright. i'm not going 20 rush to judgment. i will be fair and balanced. gentlemen, thanks very much. we appreciate it. next on the rundown, karl rove. then dick morris on dueling polls.
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would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ] chap that lives strong today. the o'reilly factor continues now. >> bill: joining us from dallas, fox news analyst karl rove. you heard trippe and da davis. what do you think a big story? >> he did lie that is a big story. things are really bad then because take a look at this. he goes up to congress to testify and who briefed him.
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if you are briefing the attorney general on the fast and furious you would say here is the communications you received. he is surrounded by a bunch of nincompoops who didn't prepare him. he gets a memo in july and october. remember what the first response was when the memos circulated -- when the memos were known to be in existences? their response was well, he doesn't read all of the memos that arrive in front of him. where is his chief of staff making certain that every piece of paper that the attorney general gets is read and reviewed by somebody? who is reading it so that they can raise warning flags to the attorney general. and nobody in the department of justice thought that there was anything to worry about. when they get a piece of paper that says we got a program going on in which we are
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selling dangerous weapons to known drug deal evers and gun runners and we hope after these are confiscated by the mexican authorities after a raid we can identify and trace the pa certain and help us better understand how the weapons get into mexico and who is using them. how stupid was that. nobody in the attorney general's office apparently bothered to read the member yeses if the attorney general is to be believed and nobody bother sod say hi hey, i have got a concern and i have done some checking on it and it is a problem. >> bill: joe is trying to say he believes it was a d.e.a. operation and they kept it away from holdrd and didn't fully brief them. >> two memos. one? july and one in october that described the program. if that didn't set off warning bells then the attorney general
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is incompetent and surrounded by people that are incompetent. >> bill: you go up there you got to know what you are coulding. >> yeah. >> bill: the same thing could be said for jay carney today. comes out in the briefing and has got to know that this thing is going to be in play and his only answer is i refer you to the justice department and the president has full county dense. what does he look like -- >> but he made the mistake of engaging. the first thing he should have done is say any of those questions i'm not in a position to answer and want to refer you to the justice department and left it at that. >> bill: i'm not going accept that from jay carney. it is the president's ultimate responsibility to control his justice department. i'm not going to get sheriffed off go to the justice department. i want to know what you think and what president obama thinks about it. >> look, jay carney, you're right. but he doesn't know. >> bill: what do you mean he doesn't know? he works for the president.
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mr. obama tells mr. carney what he thinks about it and he goes out and tells us. >> forget it you are making a mistake. you think they care about this. they don't. nobody has beered to say to holder why didn't you read that memo? you know, who was responsible for briefing you on this? your' assuming they cared. they don't care. >> bill: let me explain why they don't care because nbc news hasn't covered the story since april. a bc news judge a smidgeon. cheryl broke all the memo so cbs had to do something about it. the new york times. they are not going to investigate it. but they had to know that henry and tapper the two toughest guys are going to zero in on this and -- >> this is starting to spin out
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of control for them which is why they lost it with a cbs reporter and carney was so ill prepared today and so defensive. >> bill: i don't understand why you say he doesn't care. >> you seem to think that they think this is important. they think they can skate buy this and think that everybody is going to give up and stop paying attention. they are making a mistake but i'm telling you this had all of the ear marks this is something we don't have to worry about, we can skate right past it. this is not going to go ay, though. people died because of a stupid on mounted by the atf. they told the attorney general about it and eeoc and huswife -- i can't emergency read that memo and say this sounds like a sensible approach to dealing with dangerous weapons. later, dennis miller on whether americans have become
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>> bill: if you follow the political polls you may be getting very confused. i know i am. earlier this week had we an abc poll which showed mitt romney leading the pact by 25%. and then just ahead cb sacramento says romney and cain tied at 17% and about perry at 12. is going on? mr. pollster himself, dick morris. you have an insight. >> yeah. >> bill: to jay carney and the fast and furious. >> yes. >> what is the insight? >> the media assumes that the white house press secretary and
8:22 pm
s. one notch below the president and has access to everybody. they don't. mike mccurry who was one of the all-time great press secretaries never even attended the weekly strategy meetings. i think that obama is high and mighty, some what isolated, some what of a part-time president, holder probably takes his cue from him. and they don't bother with the minuteons that are out there and brief. >> bill: but carney has to go out there and face a couple of tough guys. >> yes. >> bill: you would think that somebody, chief of staff, somebody would be coordinating a message so he doesn't look like a college sophomore. >> my guess is nobody wants to bring the bad news to obama or holder that this is something serious you have to talk about. >> bill: you got to be kidding me. >> it is please the boss syndrome and not telling. >> bill: maybe. i think it just reflects and makes americans nervous that there is nobody in charge. these polls, how can that
8:23 pm
happen? >> it is well within the margin of error. people put out the polls and pay attention to them. the polls have less than 400 interviews each. >> bill: so it is -- >> you can basically understand from the polls that perry is down, cain is up and romney is kind of the same. and that is about all you can draw from it. 800 or a thousand interviews. >> bill: the sample is so small. >> right. >> and then the sample gets smaller because the question is to republican leaners. >> no, it is 320 in one poll and 380 in the other poll. >> bill: you that that is nothing. >> that is tiny. that is plus or minus five. >> perry's loss is herman cain's gain. conservatives who once liked perry and now are bailing have gone over to cain. now, you interviewed cain for your website. you really grilled him, i bet? did you work up a sweat? >> i did a great job. >> bill: did you make him
8:24 pm
sweat? >> i don't make them sweat, i make them talk. it is on today and tomorrow. >> bill: you are cain supporter. you like him. >> i'm not a cain supporter. >> bill: you told me he was a serious supporter. >> and you told me he would never amount to a darn thing. that is why you owe me dinner. >> bill: i said he wasn't going to win the nomination and he isn't. my job is to analyze the reality of the situation. herman cain waged a strong campaign. he has been, i think and wanted to see if you agree 86 think he has been the strongest of all eight of those people on the stage in the debate. i think he has been the strongest. >> he is the only one that moved up continuously. >> bill: he is the only one that had a plan about tax reform. >> about fundamental change. even two even more basic forces at work here. one is that conservatives and republicans do not like obama to monopolize the compassion issue and say they are
8:25 pm
heartless. conservatives and republicans have a heart, care about the poor, care about people that are dawn trodden, they just have a different nongovernmental solution and herman cain permits them to articulate and embrace that, private sector solution. secondly, i think that most of cain's supporters, many are small businessmen who are the core of the tea party mement and kind of in a valley. on the one hand, they see big government and big labor and on the other hand the mountains of big corporations and wall street and they are kind of in the middle and herman cain is really speaking for them and they don't feel that wall street streak speaks for them and don't think government and obama speaks for them. those are the two elemental forces behind the cain candidacy. you asked can he win? could obama win in '08? >> a different situation, though. >> romney will be easier to beat easier than hillary clinton was in the democrat.
8:26 pm
this is not a political force you can measure. this is a hurricane and we will see how long it goes. >> bill: dick morris .com has the interview cain. we were able to get an interview with recruiting perry. only i didn't do it, juli did. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. your core competency is...competency. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade. [ male announcer ] as you wish, business pro. as you wish. go national. go like a pro. now through january earn a free day with every two rentals. find out more at
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try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >> bill: you may remember about ryo years ago we had atheist on the segment. he has a new book partially aimed the children called the imagine irof reality. it is marketed some what toward children and adolescents, correct? >> yes. >> bill: and you want them to not only believe in science which i think is a good thing but reject god and religion.
8:30 pm
>> no, this is a book about science. it doesn't talk about god. >> bill: it mocks god. >> which have you looked>> bl:e book and you are saying that everything can be explained by science, correct? >> everything about the natural world can be explained by science. but where does it mock god? >> it says that these things are myths. >> river river i chapter has m. >> bill: you are trying to get to the kids and say you are an idiot if you believe in god. >> i'm talking about myths from all over the world. judaio christian. >> bill: throughout history some of the worst regimes ever
8:31 pm
have been atheists. >> nothing to do with atheism. >> bill: my hypothesis is that relidge season a constraint on society. goodwill toward men, treating everybody as jesus taught the same as you how you would like to be treated, the ten commandments. >> which of the ten commandments do you value? >> all of them. >> thoued is halt not violate the sabbath. >> how to sacramento not kill. >> in any case it has nothing to do with whether you believe in god or not. >> bill: you don't see religion as being a constraint on human behavior? >> i don't want to get into a shouting match about who is more evil than who. >> bill: are we shouting? >> what i do think is that there is a logical connection between believing in god and sometimes doing evil things.
8:32 pm
>> bill: absolutely. you see that in the holy war of the jihad. >> but there is no logical connection between being atheist and doing evil things. they happen today be atheists but that isn't what drove them. that was a political ideology. >> bill: i come back to the constraining influence of religion that it does discourage this kind of behavior because we will go back to the thou shalt not kill amendment. you don't know the origin, whether it was a meteor or something like that. you said we are working on it and i said to you when we get it let me know. that is how we left it last time. and still you don't know. >> talking about the origin of life? >> bill: the origin of human existences and plant existences and animal existences? >> how can it possibly help to postulate a devine intelligence to explain something
8:33 pm
complicated like that? >> bill: here is how it can help. if you believe in the teachings of jesus or buddha or someone like that who wants people to be peaceful and love each other that is a good thing. >> what does that got to do with the origin of the moon? >> i don't believe a meteor crashed into the earth and made everything happen. i think intelligent design made everything happen. give it a last word. >> science does know quite a lot about things about how the moon came into existences or why the sun is there or why the gal laxcy is there. science doesn't yet know how everything started and as i said last time they are working on it bill the book is "the magic of reality." >> the last time he was on the factor he told the press afterward that he was yelled at by me. that was a violation of the 8th commandment because it never happened. but i brought him back anyway because forgiveness is a
8:34 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment, last week, president obama made an appeal to americans, get tougher. >> this is, you know, a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and we didn't have the same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. >> bill: that comment got miller's attention and i talked to the d man last night. miller, what about this we are soft? we are getting soft here? is this a viagra commercial?
8:38 pm
what the' going on? >> we're soft in the head, billy, for electing this guy. he is the salt in the flimsy for god's sake. you can stay on your parent's medical insurance until age 26 and get two years of unemployment and throw in foot stamps for munchees at this point this entire country is bill and ted's excellent adventure three and it is on him. >> bill: he says that we have lost our competitive edge which means that we are willing i guess to work hard enough. i hate to say this because i know it will interrupt your lines and your monologue. i think he is right in some circles. some people with their hands out gimme. gimme. don't want to work hard for that. the obama administration gives them but he doesn't i guess like giving it to him. >> what do i say what he likes
8:39 pm
or dislikes? that is more disingenuous if he is giving it to him and dislikes them. the only that he will come down is the jews in israel and the tea party. why doesn't he flatten the kids with a sister soldier moment down in wall street this week the island of misfit toys and hemp hoodies. >> bill: do you think the nation has gone soft? >> i would say we are just this side of al dente. >> a lot of whine. >> bill: i think it is the lat tees and bottled water all sapping our strength. got to get back to the real stuff. >> i get most motivated when my cats paw heels are dangling over the abyss. if you don't think you can crash it any more you will get softer and softer.
8:40 pm
>> bill: hank williams, jr., singing are you ready for some football? >> yesterday he changed it to are you ready for some foot mouth because he put his right in it. i don't like when anybody does that hitler thing. i think when i was young and ill formed and reactionary i playd that card on people. i look back on it. it's tired. it's bore. it's hack hackneyed. the pc in the nfl and tv business is rampant. that is the most pc place in the culture. >> bill: what he said was he was trying to make an analogy and always bad to use nazis in analyses, you don't do this. and basically said look, if you get guys together like president obama and speaker boehner. >> that would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. >> it is dumb to bring hitler up, absolutely right.
8:41 pm
can't do that in this p.c. society. what he said, is isn't comparing obama to h hitler. he is comparing the situation, the strange bed fellows. not saying obama is hitler. he isn't saying that. i'm just trying to be fair here but it doesn't matter i guess? >> you are telling me obama is not systematically liquidated -- >> bill: he wasn't implying that. just make ling an analogy so offensive that espn booted him off, i guess. >> it is all about commerce and they can't rock the boat over there, for god sakes. he's got to be whac whacked. you slipped up. they would probably let you back in butts they know you didn't mean he has killed 6 million jews but but it is fiscal he has got to go. >> bill: do you know who c.j.
8:42 pm
wicker sham is. >> no. >> a spearfisherman in florida. spearing a fish and the blood is going all over the place and this little bull shark comes zooming in and takes a chunk out of c.j.'s leg. he is all right. he's in the hospital. and then peta takes that incident and put up the full screen and says that payback is hell because the shark got cj and peta doesn't like people going fishing. what do you say? >> i say listen, i don't want to be too obvious and say they jumped the shark here because they didn't. they jumped the shark when they started comparing meat slaughterhouses to aushwitz. these people are a little chicagoed and nobody takes them that seriously any more. you hear peta i will nod my
8:43 pm
head just to get away from the scene because they are a little nuts right now. >> bill: they say we do this to get publicity and we want everybody to bev be vegan and e can do this. we run around naked and do all kinds of things but the greater good is served by getting people away from eating fish and meat. don't you die if you don't eat anything? >> well, you either die or get so asphyxiated by blood sugar that you start making moran ads like peta does for god's sake. >> bill: maybe they don't have enough nutrition to think straight? >> protein and a little ginko. get the mind rotating again for god sakes. >> bill: ready for some miller? >> football. thank you, officer. >> bill: added another bolder fresher tour date in costa
8:44 pm
mesa, california. we will be there saturday, december 10. tickets go on sale friday. also at mohegan sun in connecticut on act 29. the landmark in richmond, virginia. november 25 and atlantic city november 26. did you see that in a
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8:47 pm
bill back a of the book segment tonight. did yew see that in? we have been trying to get governor rick perry on the factor but juliet huddy beat us to it. she met him in california and asked about the n word on the rock controversy involving the hunting ranch perry's family
8:48 pm
rented. >> all of us agree that the word that was on that rock is a very offensive rock and a very offensive word. at the moment we had to move to paint over that rock we did. >> why are people coming out and saying -- the ones who are saying well wait a second, we saw that word there over the last several years. >> i think think there were some very much and strong inconsistencies and just infactal information in the story. i know for a fact in 1984 that rock was painted over. it was painted over. >> and your family did that. we he painted over that rock and it stayed that way. i have no idea where or why people would say that they had seen that rock because that is just not the fact. >> when are you going be on the o'reilly factor? mr. o'reilly has called me and asking that i send a message. >> and i got a message for him. bill, i'm coming and i'm going to be on your program so save me some space. >> and say about is because of juliet.
8:49 pm
>> and obviously because of juliet. >> bill: joining us now from san francisco is juliet huddy. what else did you ask the governor? >> we talked about chris christie announceing that he wasn't going to run and he said that he thinks that chris is a fantastic governor. he knew him because rick perry was the head of the republican governor's association. said he is a goofriend and a very, very, very good politician. i also asked him about how christie is brash and blunt and tends to resonate with people. he says voters want someone who is honest and gives them not what they want to hear but what the truth is. >> bill: governor perry seems a little halting. christie says hey, you don't agree with me, you can take a hike. that's christie.
8:50 pm
the governor is straight talking but seems to want to be texas nice at the same time and i'm not sure that the combination works. >> i agree with you on that. i like rick perry. i think he is a good man. i think he is a good governor and i think that he could be a good president but i do think when i was trying to get this out of him, i do think that he needs to really kind of crack that shell. he seems to be just a little too stiff, a little too here are my talking points and i want to just kind of shake him a little bit. >> bill: two more chances. we hope he comes on the factor soon. the debate next week and the next week another debate. >> does that make the numbers you went into iraq with right? >> do you want to yell or have an interview? you you have a choice. you are being true to form.
8:51 pm
>> say, yes. will you please. >> don't talk about the -- >> you are not being respectful. you are just talking. this is worthless. is not an interview. you are haranging, that is what you are doing. >> i'm listeng to you. give me an answer. >> my goodness, we had a sudden change. >> what set rumsfeld off? >> the interviewer from al-jazeera i cannot pronounce his name. rumsfeld said the interviewers so biased and so antiamerican but that is al-jazeera for you. >> did rumsfeld think he was on fox and friends? you go to al-jazeera they will crank up numbers you haven't heard about. but the interviewer wasn't yelling at him. >> it got testy and the interviewer i think was totally disrespectful.
8:52 pm
you are sitting there talking to somebody who was the leader of our country and essentially calling rumsfeld a liar and i would be p.o.s too, if i were him. >> bill: you think it was the interviewer's fault here? >> yes, you are never supposed to yell at your guests. >> he might have been testy. >> that is a difference, you're right. >> bill: thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck. you are not going to believe this, mike huckabee and george projectdoing a project get coverage of every nfl game on nfl mobile. call "star," "star," n-f-l to download it now.
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i'm shepard smith. "the o'reilly factor continues now. >> bill: pin heads and patriots starring george clooney and mike huckabee among others. if you buy a copy of the number one best selling killing lincoln we will give you a copy of lis wiehl's brand new thriller waking hours. if you become a premium member you get killing lincoln free of charge. we posted some viewer comments about killing lincoln on bill o'reilly .com as well so you get a feel for what is going on. now, the mail.
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i like a more in tee pendent chief enforcement guy so i would never have hired holder in the first place. i'm not objective in this case but i'm trying to be fair. lynn, monroe, louisiana. bill, you and charles krauthammer don't think cain should be president because he lacks experience. everyone in washington has experience. somehow that working out? >> president obama's main deficit is a lack of experience. this time around we need less ideology and more executive experience in my opinion. >> bill: and how did that work out, stan?
8:57 pm
fine, whatever. lis will be thrilled. kathleen from new york. i'm reading killing lincoln with my ten-year-old and i bought six other copies to give my older children. the way you delve into lincoln's characteristicker is compelling. >> you are patriot. every american kid should read or listen to killing lincoln. everyone should get this. it is my birthday and i gave myself a great gift, premium membership on ll o'reilly .com. way to gorgeous smart play, happy birthday. and pin heads and patriots. a famine in the african nation
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of somalia and a bunch of celebrities joined together to raise money for those starving there. among the participants, mike huckabee and george clooney. talk about strange bed fellows. the hook on the promotion is all of people involved in the video are using the f word. >> famine is the real obscenity. >> familiar lin. >> famine. >> 0,000 children have died in just three months. >> 30,000 children. >> in just three months. >> the worst drought. >> drought is an act of nature. >> famine is man made. >> famine is man made. >> let's put a [ bleep ] end to famine. >> he says that to me in the car all the time but it isn't the famine, it is the f word. that is not true. we a bill o'reilly .com poll on this.
8:59 pm
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